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Since I never really had a Oc sub sheet dev submitted of Maddie as of yet, I decided to do so via stash Writer! :D 
************* Maddie Hemmings the vixen-onna vixen demi kitsune shoujo kitsune kami
 DedeVulpini final outfit redesign by shadowsbadgirloh Mr. KTE! Come over heree! by shadowsbadgirl RP art for Mr. KC's POV by shadowsbadgirl
mediocre/improving artist
140 lbs. **probably thinner by now, this may vary**

S/O: Bisexual
sadomasochistic, odd, mischievous, dark, moody, funny, witty, sassy, studious, bloodthirsty, childish, excitable, articulate, clumsy, crude, gluttonous, troubled, persuasive, secretive

Dietary notes
Loves pasta and sushi 
loves food.

bringing pain onto herself and others
using her magic to conjure powerful and frightening illusions
Freddy Krueger
horror movies
WINNING! ((Punny xD))

KC and his twin
Apollo (( (c) Megasonic20 ))
Kitevo ((surprisingly (c) gotyourgoat ))
Emily the Vulpintaur ((c) TyVulpintaur to an extent, she's growing on Maddie))
candy and sweet treats
being a gentle giantess ((LE GASP!!!!))

becoming evil

Men who think they can hit a woman
bitchy teenage girls
Authoritive figures
being told what to do and what not to do
Women who steal her current suitor(s)

knives, bunches of knives of all different shapes and sizes
torture whips
spiked whips
lighter and
needles (not her favorite form of torture.

Meredith the Vixen--mother
unnamed brother
Thesa the Vixen--grandmother not related by blood (she's a young grandma, btw.)

Kyrra the Pixie Cat, Paradox the Hedgebat, KC the Echidna, KayCee the Echidna, Venice the Hedgehog, Epps the Hedgehog, Lexi Miantra the Hedgehog, Lucas Miantra the Hedgehog, Challice the Cowgirl
yes, anyone can make a Sonic character, but that doesn't mean they all are terrible and annoying as a male pansy fuck :)
Paradox by MarcoEmma by shadowsbadgirl
Paradox by MarcoEmma
commission art by :iconmarcoemma: ^^ :D
art belongs to :iconmarcoemma:
Paradox/Emilei belongs to :iconshadowsbadgirl::iconmk-r:
How is my character a Mary Sue...? Really? How? I'n honestly not even angry as I am confused.... Say what you like you all, but you aren't me. You don't know what emotions I have. You can claim me as whatever but you will never know me beyond some text and a userpage on the Surface Net...
Seriously though? How are any of my characters sue like? Do you all mean it or are you blindly throwing insults at me out of anger and hate?
  • Mood: Neutral
I have ideas on what I would like to draw but when I go to do it I usually keep bungling it all up somehow. I need to upload some higher qual images of some previous deviations like, ASAP
Also need to start practicing with some of my male oc's too u.u" and I should put up some debut pics of my charas  for some peeps over on FF so everyone there can see what they actually look like :meow:
Anyhoo, what would anyone on my watcher's list like for me to draw...? I could also give some OC pics a go if anyone comments on this entry :la: ^^ Oh yes, I've got some Halloween/yangire bloody pics coming, so for all the guro fans out there, come visit my profile!! -giggle-
Oh and are tere any artists out there who'd be interested in doing a female vore request or something to do with big bellies? Male or female? Please?
I'm thinking of doing a child soft vore family story....May even add some macro/micro play time into it >: D

tagged by :iconmlbat-darkheart:

You are one of the Diplomats - an empathic and idealistic individual who enjoys exploring interesting ideas and prizes morality. You are known for your deep thoughts, strong will and intuitive skills. Above you will find a brief overview of your personality traits - proceed to the type overview to learn much more about your personality type. Prepare to be impressed.

here are the characters who have the same personality as I do.
(wow, really? using strong HTML? brilliant. good for me, hah?) I will find out who to tag and edit this entry when I do. Bye
I tag:


Artist | Literature
United States
Moved account to: :iconmk-r: for comisshes, requests, art trades and the like. This is my casual art profile :happybounce: :iconimhappierplz:
:w00t::happycry::cuddle: to all who visit my profile! :icondorkdanceplz:
Name: Dede/Maddie the Heroic Giant Fox
Age: 19
Avg. height: 188 ft+
Endurance: ***
Strength: ******
Flexibility: **
Attack: ******
Speed: ****
Intellect: *****
Will: ****************
Weaknesses: she isn't very smart, is a dumb blonde (I actually love dumb blondes like Francine!! :D) or just airheaded outside of her school books, isn't super strong, has an Achilles heel, literally. is kind of a loudmouth chatty Cathy :iconlaughingplz:
Jesus.. Stamp by Fyi-SusFav without a comment? by Timesplitter92Mabel Pines Stamp by homestucktroll123Daisy Love Stamp by kcjedi89

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Oh and that reminds me, I need to get to doing your request, Cowsy!! :0
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